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AI Hype And Reality Differs In Marketing

May 11, 2018: 12:00 AM EST
Artificial intelligence holds great potential for understanding and attracting consumers yet many marketers are still unable to capitalize on it. Some 85% of executives say AI could give their company a competitive edge yet only 5% of companies have extensively integrated AI into their processes. The gap between the hope and the reality is due the lack of clarity about what AI can do for their business, underlined by the fact that 61% of companies say they do not have an AI strategy in place. Some of the uncertainty surrounding AI can be attributed to AI vendors who, instead of delivering ready-to-action insights, are developing products to solve problems.[Image Credit: © Gerd Altmann]
Alain Stephan, "How AI is Turning the Voice of the Consumer into Marketing Analytics Gold", MarTech Advisor, May 11, 2018, © MarTech Advisor
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